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Our commitment to you

A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Lifelong activities

Outdoor learning

Motivating experiences

Sorbus Learning CIC - a professional environmental service

Based near Dorking in Surrey RH3 7LT

Our Mission

To deliver sustainable lifelong learning for adults that involve motivating outdoor experiences of the natural world and wildlife. We help our learners develop the skills needed to create, restore, maintain and improve places for wildlife and people.

What we do

We work with others to plan and deliver courses and workshops about ecology, conservation, countryside skills and rural crafts that are of community interest and benefit to people. 

We provide ecological advice and share ideas for creating, restoring, maintaining and improving habitats for wildlife and conserving natural and historic landscapes.

We encourage ideas for recovering, repurposing, re-using and recycling materials to make habitat features, animal homes and ponds that attract nature into gardens or green spaces.

The wilding way

Wilding is a concept of making space for nature and encouraging wildlife back to the landscape. It is restoring natural processes to our countryside, reviving degraded habitats, reintroducing depleted or missing species and allowing ecosystems to become naturally self-regulating again.

Nature is comprised of an intricate web of interactions that enrich our lives, help nourish the natural environment and give our planet a greater capacity to cope with human impact. We encourage our learners to give wildlife a chance and to relax control so that they make space for nature.

Outdoor learning

We promote outdoor learning as a way to discover, engage with and learn about the natural world and wildlife. Your learning experience outdoors will involve you transforming knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes and behaviours through direct engagement with the natural world.

We help local communities, groups, families and individuals reflect and learn about themselves, each other and nature. The motivating experiences you have with us will be a catalyst for your learning, personal development, health and well-being.

Our Vision is...

"Providing outdoor learning and advice that motivates you to achieve your full potential and develop new skills so that you can make space for nature in your garden or local green place sustainably."

Our professional standards

We deliver good practice & high quality service as:

  • Registered as a Community Interest Company (CN:13256751UK)
  • Chartered Biologist (CBiol) & Member of the Royal Society of Biology (MRSB Ref. P0105677)
  • Accredited Practitioner (APIOL) & Member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL Ref. 13279)
  • Registered Instructor & Assessor with LANTRA (ID Code: 949510)
  • Vetted by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS ID:P0003W5ZNON)
  • Insured for professional indemnity, public liability & personal injury (Markel UK Ltd Ref. CD51959)

  • Qualified to teach outdoors at further education level (PTLLS)
  • Continual professional development of our knowledge, skills & experience
  • Comply with legal requirements, current guidance & best practice

We strive to be global citizens by being aware of and understanding nature, the wider world and our place in it. As individuals and teams we are active in our local communities, and work together and with others to make our lives smarter, healthier, safer, fairer and greener.