Welcome to Sorbus Learning – we are a small local community interest company based in Surrey

We lead community interest projects, provide outdoor learning activities & share ideas about making space for nature to benefit people & wildlife

Community interest

Sorbus Learning CIC can help you and your community to connect with nature and conserve our diminishing local wildlife

Outdoor learning

We believe that being outdoors and connecting with nature will help improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing


Passion for wildlife

“Excellent course. Even more useful than I expected. Paul was very good indeed with great delivery and very engaging. I loved Paul’s enthusiasm… it’s contagious” – Sue, Surrey Wildlife Trust 2023″

Outdoor learning in action

“I went to Paul’s workshop and he was brilliant! Lots of ideas about linking animal skulls into discussions about how animals feed, how we need animals to help conserve habitats and most fascinating for me was how he linked what animals need to survive to what, we as humans, need to survive too.” – Ali, Sussex FSA Festival 2023″