We offer opportunities for adults to learn about our natural world

We work with others to provide courses, workshops, talks & advice about ecology, conservation, countryside skills, wildlife gardening & rural crafts.

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Chartered Biologist

I am an experienced green space manager and trainer who works in partnership with other ecologists and trainers to provide outdoor learning activities. I have a proven record of undertaking research, writing management plans, supervising projects, enhancing biodiversity and conserving historic features. I am committed to lifelong learning and qualified to teach topics at further education level.


We encourage learning about the wildlife, habitats & rural landscape around us so that you can conserve nature & your local environment for future generations.


We promote best practice for creating, restoring, maintaining & enhancing habitats. I write integrated management plans to benefit wildlife & people.


We teach practical skills needed to carry out conservation & countryside work while putting them into practice in an outdoor learning environment.


We share ideas for planting, building features & creating ponds that attract wildlife into your garden.


We facilitate practical workshops about rural crafts & creating art inspired by the natural world and wildlife.


We repair, re-use & recycle materials to create garden features, improve natural habitats & make animal homes. 

Outdoor Learning in Action

We aim to demonstrate that it is never too late to acquire new skills and assist adults in their development to achieve their full potential. We guide people to achieve agreed outcomes through direct contact with the natural environment so that people and wildlife benefit.